Edward Snowden joins Twitter

“Whistleblower Edward Snowden joined Twitter Tuesday with the handle @Snowden. His profile bio reads “I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public”. A rather loud yet simple statement by Mr. Snowden in his twitter bio. Ironically, in ratio to his followers to followings, he has 1.69 million followers and is only following 1 in return. Take a wild guess who it is, the National Security Agency. His first tweet was “Can you hear me now?” This tweet can be read in many ways and have many different interpretations. However, my opinion, I took that tweet as will you be honest with the American people.

Edward Snowden who formerly worked with the government intelligence agency had intentions to fight terrorism. But in the process, he leaked top secret information that the government wasn’t too happy about. In return, he had to get away from the government and protect himself which in the process, had to get away with close people like his family and his girlfriend.

Snowden quickly gained support with the likes of Jesse Ventura, Glenn Greenwald who broke the story and surprisingly Jack Dorsey who is the co finder of twitter. So it’s evident that Snowden has gained tremendous popularity and fame with his pursuit in righteousness.


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