Favorite Passion

An activity that I have a strong passion for is sports broadcasting. Sports broadcasting is someone who provides coverage of sporting events using a variety of different media outlets, such as radio, television, and the Internet. The actual job of a sports broadcaster can vary. Some will specialize in one particular sport such as doing commentary, while others will do the research, production, or the presentation of many different sporting events and competitions. Broadcasters work as analysts or play-by-play announcers for sports networks or specific teams such as ESPN or the New York Knicks. Their duties may include presenting news, calling games and interviewing guests. Broadcasters are primarily employed at the collegiate and professional levels. While opportunities for work are available in television and radio, its been recorded that entry-level opportunities are more likely to be available through small, local stations.


A career in broadcasting is certainly stressful including tight schedules and deadlines, similar to jobs of journalism although this career is categorized as journalism. Sports broadcasters usually work in studios I front of cameras. But there are occasions where they work outdoors covering significant sports events such as the World Series, NBA Finals, and also arguably the greatest sports platform in the world, the Olympics. A career in broadcasting is relatively simple. First off, many sports broadcasters earn a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, communications or a field that correlates to it. This 4-year process in order to achieve a bachelors degree allows students to gain the knowledge and skills essential of the occupation, such as effective communication and the knowledge with how production is produced.


Such classes for a bachelor’s degree in communications include audio production, mass media, broadcast journalism, and media writing. Secondly, an internship is definitely helpful for someone who is interested in this field. On the job preparation is obligated for a career in sports broadcasting. Many potential candidates gain this training through internships with television or radio broadcasting stations. While working at this internships, its important to network with people in the industry or the job to gain advantages that many people wont be aware about. That’s how many broadcasters gain positions in million or billion dollar companies such as ESPN or FOX Sports. Lastly as you progress and gain time within the industry under your belt, there are opportunities you can achieve such as hosting your television or radio shows. Ambitious broadcasting potentials begin their careers in non-broadcasting positions as equipment operators or production assistants.


Once they have proven a capacity for sports announcing, they climb the ladder and work their way up to on-air sports broadcasting positions and eventually move on to higher-paying positions at larger stations. The reason why I have a passion for this is because quite honestly you’re getting paid for speaking about sports that you have a great knowledge about. It’s important to understand that it’s more complex than just sitting in front of the camera talking about opinions and facts. It’s an institutional structure that you must follow. Such as news beats, the way you report the news, and most importantly objectivity.

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