Bouncing Ball


In this exercise, i added a new layer and made a third ball. This time, i created the animation of making the ball on the far left bounce. I learned how to make the object move up and down by utilizing the selection tool, shift key, up and down arrows, with the addition of using the key frames and shape in tween..


Visualizing Tempo


Here, i created another circle in flash next to the original circle. I reshaped the second circle and sped up the animation. Although it was difficult at first, i learned how to work with multiple layers, in addition to controlling the speed and shaping the tweens.

Chapter 15 Hello World!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 6.06.07 PM

In this chapter, we were introduced to html. Next we use DreamWeaver and learned about codestext>. The next exercise featured how to correctly insert hyperlinks within the html. We then goggled the image featured above and learned where to place the picture link. The final step was to screenshot the exercise complete and here’s the final product…..